Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bush pushing the envelope!

Oops, Bush did it again. A month ago, while signing a postal reform act voted by the congress, he did not miss the chance to push the “envelope” by attaching a signed statement that gives the right to his administration to seize and open citizen mail “in exigent circumstances, for foreign intelligent collection”. As usual, nobody noticed right away, until recently when civil rights associations found out about this obvious Big brother law coming reminding us of Orson welles’ 1984.

This is becoming a pattern of this administration; they amend innocent laws at the last moment and take us back a few dozen years by taking our right to privacy. The reason as you can imagine is “Let us read your mail or terrorists will get us”, efficient isn’t?

There are two very dangerous aspects to such actions. First, it is the loss of privacy to American citizens and permanent residents. Second is the loss of credibility for the USA when they go teach lessons to other countries about human rights and freedom. How can they ask other countries to do what themselves don’t?

If this is not pushing the envelope, what is? :)

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