Saturday, July 08, 2006

10 days on the blogosphere. State of the Union.

It’s been 10 days since I started this blog and also began regularily spending time reading and commenting on some of the Tunisian blogs. To tell you the truth, I like it a lot. Here are my feelings/thoughts about this new experience.
The quality of the majority of posts on tn-blogs is good to excellent and so are the majority of the comments. What is amazing me, is that people take the time to read, understand and comment smartly sometimes on very personal and difficult subjects and you can see from their comments that they know what you’re feeling or thinking. Isn’t that amazing or what? Imagine this happening in real, not in virtual. You go to a café or any public place, and you start making a speech about how hopeless you feel about your girlfriend who does not want to commit despite all the love you have for her and then people start advising you what to do or tell you their own story!!!

I also found that there is something new I am feeling that I can’t explain. I wake up in the morning impatient to go and see if there are any new comments, any new posts on the blogs I am following. And believe me this is a big change for me because, all what I care about when I power on my laptop is my work. I consider this change as a positive one.

I also find myself associating pseudo of my favorites bloggers to specific face I imagined for him/her. I think that’s my realistic down to earth side.

I noticed also, that some of the bloggers have the same style whether writing their posts or commenting. Some are very different. I find this interesting, because I think when they are writing, they are doing it on their own blog and don’t feel have any constraints, but while commenting on other blogs they are guests and they just stating their opinion on the host subject. Of course this is not always true and I found some posts where the commenter invaded the host blog. Perhaps it is just our cultural background that is reflected here and this is not pejorative.

A trend, I could not understand is that some of the bloggers are anonymous like me and generally they write very personal and sometimes intimate posts and others post under their real identity and those in majority don’t post very personal stuff but talk about society or human issues. This is normal right? What’s not is that these two kind interact together and know each other and even organize meet-ups. I cannot myself do that because if I were not anonymous, I would never talk about personal feelings to a community who I may know some of them or even interact with them in the future. Some situations would be even very embarrassing. If someone is expressing some doubts on someone he loves or describe mixed feelings he has for some subject, it would not matter when he is anonymous, but it could turn against him if he is not and you would never know how people will use this info because after all there is no notion of trust since you really don’t know who hides under a given pseudo. Of course this just my humble opinion. It is ironic isn’t it? I can be intimate with someone I don’t know but not with someone I know :;). Perhaps getting to know one blogger on a personal basis thru email, phone and then perhaps in person is something I can understand, but meetup with a group is pushing it too far.

The last thing I noticed also is that we carry our personalities with us into the virtual world. I hate stereotyping people or behave with them differently based on their race,country,region,gender or religion (it is even illegal in the US), but unfortunately I noticed that in Tunisian blogs there is some of this, specially when dealing with Tunisian society problems, the discussion always deviates to regionalism, machism, Tunisian living abroad vs. local ones…and non constructive critics that sometimes degenerate. Fortunately, I saw this only in few posts, so it’s no big deal. That reminds me of a slogan I saw once carried at the gay parade in San Francisco “Open your mind and shut your mouth”.

In summary, I am very happy with my experience and I will keep blogging, at least for the next tow weeks before I fly To Tunis.

PS: I wanted to share with you one sentence I heard from a French barman in a Paris’s bar I used to go with my wife. “Les gens qui croient tout savoir, ne posent jamais les bonnes questions”. This helped me a lot professionally and personally.

On a complete different note, and to finsish on a smile,I wanted to share with you this 2 African proverb (for adults only NR/NO).

" Si tu te lève un matin avec deux paires de couilles, te prend pas pour un surhomme, mais t'es sûrement en train de te faire enculer "

" Si tu te couches avec le cul qui gratte, tu te lèveras avec les doigts qui puent "

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Houssein said...

welcome to blogland ;-)

swifty said...

nice blog man,welcome in this tunisian virutal community

Napo said...

Pretty good observation considering the fact you've been around for a short time.

So how'r prices there? close to 4/g?

samsoum said...

Thanks guys.
@napo: prices of what?

zizou from Djerba said...

I'm sorry to tell you that you have been infected by the Tn-Blogs Virus !
welcome to the community man !
Be careful azizi ! Your "silicon Valley" productivity is going to decrease if you continue on this trend :-)

Tarek said...

Can I just add one more thing? this is not a virtual community. This more real than real life, anonymity doesn't matter. I guess you'll realise this in a few months time :)

karim2k said...

Welcome home son !

Napo said...

@samsoun, sorry i meant gas.

SkyDancer said...

Welcome to the Tunisian "blogsphere" :D! Be carefull!! U will be addicted :) ..
thanks for the quotes.. I liked em too much...

Euuh.. Sorry for my english.. It's too bad.. I'll comment in french next times...
Keep on blogging ;)

samsoum said...

@napo: Tell me about it. Gas prices are $3.30 to $3.60 in the bay area. Just yesterday I filled my car's tank for $65. The soultion is the hybrid, but I am in love with big/powerful engines so I'll hold on that for now.

Leilouta said...

Mar7be bik fil mazra3a :P

samsoum said...

@leilouta: ya3aichek, it is pleasure to be here

SNAWSI said...

I like this post, man !

I agree with you on the no " meet up part: blogging is virtual and should remain so in order to keep the fun :-)
It makes you have some honest and frank opinions regardless who you really are ;-)

EMMA BENJI said...

Ton texte m'a fait sourire!
j'ai essayé d'imaginer une personne arrivznt dans un café et racontant son problème..Et tous les gens qui donnent leurs avis.

Fais attention a ne pas devenir adicted

En fait j'ai constaté qu'i y a plusieurs etapes par lesquels passent tous les bloggueurs.
on devient dépendant...j'ai d'ailleurs ecrit un texte dessus;
( )

apres on se pose des questions sur le bogs et pourqoi est ce qu'on ecrit
apres y a une periode ou on decide de prendre un congé parce qu'on a plus envie d'ecrire
et ya la periode ou on se pose des questions sur l'annonymat et son importance....
y a aussi la periode ou on imagine que la vie fonctionne comme un blog
( )

Ce sont toutes des etapes par lesquels je suis passée..sur les quels j'a ecrit un texte... et que j'ai retrouvé dans d'autres blogs.

La plus dangereuse... et c'est deja trop tard pour toi...c'est quand on s'attache a son blog et que le premier geste soit d'ouvrir le blog et de vérifier les commentaires.

héhé: you're addicted!!!PS: j'ai ps mis tous les textes qui illustrent toutes les étapes...ce serait trop long sinon!


EMMA BENJI said...

Sorry, petite erreur dans l'indication du texte correspondant a l'etape ou imagine le texte comme un blog(Blog mania) ...

EMMA BENJI said...

Sorry II pour toutes les erreurs de frappe...ce n'est pas bien d'ecrire rapidement et de ne pas se relire!!!

samsoum said...

@swifty: I totally agree.

@emna: J'ai lu les posts que tu references et je c'est vrai que mon experience est tres proche de ce que tu decris :-)

EMMA BENJI said...


Hannibal said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Thank you for the visit and keep up the nice work :)


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