Monday, July 10, 2006

The Israeli apartheid

I always find that when discussing the isareli-palestinan conflict with americans, that they make me feel biased and I can see it from the raised eye brows I get or the look they give me, generally I give up gently because I dont want to get into loosing battles waiting for the right moment to say "told you so!".

I alway get the break and come back with opinions, statements or articles coming from westerners so I can "tire mon epingle du jeu" and stay neutral enough. Today I found such a break as I always do and I want to share it with you.This is my first "coup de gueule". It does not come for me, but from an very well established and old israeli newspaper the "Haaretz" (hebrew for 'The land'), It is a leftist newspaper founded in 1919.I invite you to read this article and the various comments of the readers, it is very helpful to understand this tragedy.

At this time where we're on the beach, looking forward to the next night party, this post is not attractive to some of our youth and I am sure that just the tilte make people think that this yet another crazy hatered post. This because it has always been associated with extremism, fundamentalism, terrorism and so on so forth, but let's forget all these stereotypes and think about the human side.

Just imagine what these people are going thru and this is from israeli reporters, not eljazeera or some fundamentalis web site.Please do read it and invite anyone you know to do so (specially westerners) and I will be delighted if I can have your comments on my blog.

Palestinians are fellow human beings and as that we owe them. Being an immigrant myeslf, knowing that I can't visit my motherland will be devastating and I know that all of you will feel the same.

Israel bars Palestinian Americans for first time since 1967

The comments posted online on their site are so representative of this drama.

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zizou from Djerba said...

azizi Samsoum, my flatmate is a palestinian american whose family is livin un Ramallah . she is not allowed to go to Israel to take a plane. she is considered as a palestinian and she is treated as such even if she shows her american passport. They can find out that she is palestinian because she is born in Jerusalem and the passport is issued in that same city.