Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Children caught in war!

I can't stop thinking about children caught in these wars. Kids don't choose their country or parents but they assume that choice and sometimes they pay the price in blood, trauma or even their life. Can you imagine what a kid goes thru when he wakes up at night on sound of detonations? instinctively, he'll run to his parents who are always there to protect him and comfort him but for the first time he will see that they are scared to death, terrorized, unable to explain to him what is happening and why is it happening. Such scene will haunt these kids forever, and then they start discovering about war, death, wounds. They will see destruction that they thought happen only in cartoons. And unfortunately some of them will die, some will get wounded, and all will stay traumatized for life.

Check these sad facts:

In the decade from 1986 to 1996, armed conflicts

Killed over 2 million children
Seriously injured or permanently disabled over 6 million
Orphaned over 1million
Psychologically traumatized and scarred over 10 million
Countless numbers of children, especially girls, have been raped or subjected to other forms of sexual violence as a deliberate instrument of war
Currently, over 20 million children are displaced from their homes by wars; about 300,000 are exploited as child soldiers; and an estimated 800 are killed or maimed by landmines every month.

I am a parent for 3 kids, and parents like me know how precious a kid is for us. Do you know how much love a kid need, how much emotion, joy and pride he brings to us, how much memories from his conception, to his first cry, to his first step, to his first word. We live for them and by them, and then some megalomanics come and take them form us, erase our reason for life, brake our will. I don't care if they're right or wrong, their actions kill kids. Aren't kids protected under some UN resoultions, Don't they have the right to live, to be educated, not to be exploited..etc. Why can't we enforce these laws??

I know, I am not being realistic, but when it comes to children who is? How can we justify the suffering of these small cute things, the joy of our lives? Poor cowards, we are!

One of the "war child international network" campaign messages is: "You can take child out of war, but how do you take the war out of a child?"


samsoum said...

Je sais que pour les ames sensibles dont j'en fais partie, ces photos sont choquantes. Mais c'est la realite et il faut avoir le courage de la voir en face.

Napo said...

terrible truth !!!! terrible.
since i had my daughter couple of months ago, i feel these images 100 folds.

some state that the psycho effects after the war last for an entire lifetime...

samsoum said...

@napo, rabbi yfadhalhelk , titrabba fi 3ezzek inchallah.
As you said the psycho trauma for such kids can be devastating. We know that some battered children have low self esteem, are suicidal or violent. So imagine the effects of a war experience!!

tunisie quand tu nous tiens said...
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tunisie quand tu nous tiens said...

horrible, i hope this stopes, really, we r tired seeing these pictures, and seeing these kids suffer...

EMMA BENJI said...

Oui horrible ces photos
je supporte de moins en mois ce que je vois.
Je sais que quand un enfant tomb malade, les parents sont dans un tres sale ett, quz dire quand il s'agit de voir son fils mourrir.
C la pire des choses qui puissent arriver...et c'est trop injuste...
Mais merde, comment des personne que µBusch ou ceux faisant aprtie de son gouvernement peuvent ils dormir????

Vraiment, y a plus rien a rajouter..rien a dire...
Pas de mots pour exprimer l'aberation de ce qui se passe

bidules said...

C'est vraiment horribles ces stats. Mais avez vous jamais entendu un président mourrir dans une guerre, jamais. C'est eux qui commettent les conneries et c au pauvres enfants et femmes et viellard de payer le prix.