Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beirut airport targeted by Israel

The two main runaways of Rafik Hariri International airport were damaged this morning by Israeli airforce. The airport is indefinitely closed and 22 civilians killed in other raids.
This is a sad day. Let's see how the governments that stood beside lebanon in other similar terrorist attacks on its land would react this time. How can they be so hypocrite.
Anyway can you imagine France dropping bombs on Madrid airport because the basques kidnapped a french soldier? The lebanese people struggled rebuilding their country and now this. How can this be fair? How can democraties allow this ? Why Is Zidane "Yo mamma" insult gets more coverage than human being getting killed and the future of a country getting in jeopardy.

How cruel this word became!

My thoughts are with you, opperessed people of this unfair world.


karim2k said...

Viva Palestine !

MetallicNaddou said...

People are going mad down there, and on both sides. No way out I can tell you right now ! They have to change their methods, no matter what it takes, this war must end before everybody gets killed.

arab said...

Wait an see !

wafa said...

Oh !! I think I have to speak in english here !! aie !!! I didn't like the fact that u compared what's happening in lebanon with what would happen if it was France and Spain !! Do you think it's the same case ?? What is called Israel has always been lebanon's ennemy ..
All of us we know that Israel won't stop only if lebanease give them all what they want .. They'll even say that Lebanease government has to control the south by itself and HizbAllah has to leave,and if not, THEY will go back to the south ..
hope that HizbAllah really can hit Israel because war is already here .. and till now more than 50 civilian are dead between them a hole family of 11 members : 5 kids and another family: a mother with here 7 kids ..

Curieuse de tout said...

I hope this dramatic period will end as soon as possible...

EMMA BENJI said...

c horrible ce qui se passe... je n'arrive meme pas a trouver des mots pour qualifier ce que je resens.
Comment est ce qu'un pays peut il se comporter de la sorte sans aucun santion internationale?
Mais c quoi ca!!!!!!!!!
Pourquoi, qu'est ce qu'elle a cette israel de plus que les autres pays du monde...
Comment cela se fait il que tout toutes les nations la laissent faire

Et les arabes???
Les chefs d'etats arabes des pions placés...ou des des personnes qui aiment tellement le pouvoir que par peur d'etre obligés de partir s'accrochent comme ils peuvent
"OK! on se la boucle, vous faites ce que vous voulez, pourvu qu'on reste a notre chef d'etat"
Mais merde... et nous pauvres petits merdeux...là, a dire qu'on est en colère.
Et apres...des paroles en l'air!