Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trends: Tunisia vs India. a story of words!

This post came by accident, it was not planned.

I know that from the title you would think that this is about a serious article comparing consumer or product trends between these two countries. It is not.

Actually, I was doing some research using google trends trying to make a top 10 list of countries that it would make sense to focus on for our product launch. Usually this is the sales team job, since they know the revenue by country for all our products. But I was curious to get raw data and to see if I can recoup it with sales data. So I started by getting the trend by city for people who searched for the word "J2EE" and "Java" and Here is the result:

Top cities for word "J2EE"

Top cities for word "Java"

At this point of time, this validates what I was thinking of, that the real market where we can grow is the emerging countries and that's where the people who are looking for solutions even though they can't afford them for the time being. So it is up to the product managment to come up with the right solution at the right price for these countries and it could be our growth vector for the next couple of years.

Then, and because my tunisian pride is always hidden deep inside me, I got jealous and I wanted to find what words would bring Tunis in the google trends. I started by technology like software, c++, web service, soa, sca, gsm, telephone portable (Algiers showed up for this one), telecom...etc. Next I tried sports like football, coupe du monde, handball,.. nothing. Of course I omited tunisian terms or names, just to be fair. Then I don't know why I started looking for general words or themes. After two trials I got Tunis to show up for the word "Amour": (Love)

Wow, I did not know the tunisians are so romantic, so in order to double check that this is not about "faire l'amour" as opposed to "aimer" (to love), I cross referenced with the word "aimer". Casablance showed up for "aimer" but not Tunis.Mmmh, so we are not that romantic after all. So Only one thing is left to verify that what I was thinking is true. I did search for "relation sexuelle" and here is Tunis again :;)

I dont know if I should be proud or sad or just laugh about it.
So I'll leave it to you to make your own mind, and I hope you can get Tunis to show up for a more serious word so that I can get my pride back, unless all these searches were only for educational purposes :;)


SNAWSI said...

Sam, it seems that Tunisia is sex oriented especially in summer time with all the tourists invading it and google is just conforming that, what a shame!
Worse, some of those tourists ( most of them are trashy europeans) are pedophile, others are gay and others are infected by HIV: bonjour les dégâts !!!
Quant à "il kraya wel 3oloum", well, yejib ha rabbi :-(

EMMA BENJI said...

hé oui!!!!!
J'ai fait a mes debuts sur la blogsphère, une recherche sur les mots que rcherchaient les gens qui attérissaient sur mon j'ai été choquée en voyant les resultats.
Si tu as le temps lis ces deux textes:

Houssein said...

hehe :)

check this:

samsoum said...

@snawsi, perhaps the fact that more than 50% of tunisians are less than 25 is an explanation too. What is amazing is that Tunis as a city is small compared to others and still manage to show up first for sex. rabbi ya3tihom essa7a!
@emna, J'ai bien rigole a tes 2 posts, surtout le deuxieme a propos des vieux dragueurs. Ca me rappele une fois dans l'avion avec ma femme. Elle a embarque avant moi car j'etais au telephone et quand je l'ai rejoint, j'ai trouve qu'on etait pas ensemble, il y avait un mec entre nous deux. J'etais le dernier a embarquer, alors j'ai juste souri a ma femme et me suis vite assis avant que l'hotesse me jette dehors et j'ai commence a lire un livre. Apres un moment j'ai remarque que le mec a cote qui essaie d'avoir une conversation avec ma femme, parlant du beau temps, lui demandant qu'est ce qu'elle lit. le mec etait un tunisien, la cinquantaine, tres bien habille genre nouveau businessman import/export, arriviste mais bien eduque. Au bout d'un certain moment, ma femme se leve pour aller aux toilettes. Automatiquent je la regarde et la suis des yeux. Lui aussi fait la meme chose et retourne a temps pour voir que je la suivais des yeux. La, il me sourit et me dit "Malla ka3ba hein". Je luis dis "merci pour le compliment, c'est ma femme" et je m'eclate de rire. Le mec rougit et commence a balbutier des excuses, il me propose de changer de siege avec lui.

samsoum said...

@houssein, You're right. Algeria comes fist for a lot of weired words like "homosexuel" or "zoophile". Allohoum3afina

Heliodore said...

Your key word are in french !
If you put Sexual Relation I guess you will find Bangalore again.

samsoum said...

@heliodore, I tried in english but there is not enough data for that. You can try iy at

EMMA BENJI said...

J'aurai aimé etre dans l'avion pour voir ca!!!

Adil said...

Great effort Samsoun.I enjoyed reading that.For "Amour" and "aimer" it's quite popular in the Arab Maghreb for a unemployment reasons also.Youth are trying to find lovers in Europe and Canada to get a Visa.

samsoum said...

@Adil, I did not think about that. That could explain it:-)

Becem said...

je crois qu'il faut comprer par rapport à une meme langue. d'ailleurs je viens de chercher le mot sexE en fracais et en anglais:
1. Pakistan
2. Egypt
3. Viet Nam
4. Iran
5. Morocco
6. India
7. Indonesia
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Turkey
10. Philippines

Tounes 5atiha :)

en francais:
1. Algeria
2. Morocco
3. France
4. Belgium
5. Switzerland
6. Canada
7. Spain
8. Germany
9. United Kingdom
10. United States

ya meme des pays anglophones 9bal touness :) donc tounes 5atiha ;)