Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Get a "Second" life...

Lately I came across a very original net application called “Second life”. The concept of this app is stunning and shows that there is no limit for entrepreneur’s imagination to turn anything in a profitable business.

Second life is a virtual/digital earth, it all starts by leasing a piece of land that ranges from 500 square meters for $5 a month to an entire region of 65536 square meters for $195 a month. Once you lease the land you become a second life resident or “avatar” and you can start interacting with the other 850,000 residents. You can purchase their lands, invent objects and sell them, trade pets, clothes or anything you can imagine or even have a job.

The app has a set of design and script tooling allowing you to build anything you can imagine. You can create your own look, make yourself able to fly or breathe in water or anything you can imagine in the limit of what 3D computer graphics allow you

The San jose mercury news states that organizations like Major league baseball, Harvard university, and other are rushing to get a presence in second life, even musicians like Duran Duran, broadcast virtual concerts.

The daily volume of the trade in this digital world is in the hundred of thousands of dollars for a GDP of $150M. Residents are building libraries, stores and new concepts that exist only in second life, even the oldest job in the world like the French say exist (residents can pay for sex). So if you’re not happy with your real life, consider getting a second one :-)

Linden lab the San Francisco company creator of second life is said to be almost profitable and is backed by Silicon Valley VC firms.

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snif , I love such kind of games , it may take all my time (snif) why samsoum why ?

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