Tuesday, October 24, 2006


"Mine honour is my life, both grow in one. Take honour from me, and my life is done. Then, dear my liege, mine honour let me try; In that I live, and for that I will die." — William Shakespeare

I am optimistic by nature and I hardly give up on anything, I keep trying, I am very patient. I am like that also with people. I try to never judge anyone, and if I do, it is always based on facts and patterns and not on emotion. But sometimes I can’t take it anymore, I just loose it, and it always happens because of man without honor.

Honor is an endangered noun that means a careful sense of what is right, a very high standard of integrity, and a scrupulous moral behavior. We are not born honorable, we are raised to be one and when one is, he is honor bound; he is under an obligation enforced by his personal integrity, not by law, not by fear of anyone or anything including religion or beliefs.

Nowadays, the use of this noun is mostly used in recognition for distinction and especially for the dead. As in ceremony in honor of Mr. X. Or to address officials as in His honor, the Judge Y. It is used also as a privilege as in “It is an honor meeting you!”

As an adjective, I don’t remember qualifying anyone as honorable for a long time, except my father may he rest in peace, my mother and wife and that’s because they’re my family.

Ironically honor is nowadays associated with criminals, Mafiosi who steal, sell drugs, run brothels but have a code of honor that they keep using to justify swift revenge on anyone who fails it. It is associated with old fashioned, uneducated people who kill their daughters, or wives in its name because a loss of virginity or for infidelity. It is associated to land for poor farmers. That’s it folks!! It really lost its true meaning!!!

I want to have honorable friends, honorable relatives, honorable associates, and honorable colleagues. I want to deal with honorable businesses, honorable officials. I want to be represented and be ruled by honorable people. Honor bound people….

Rêves et chimères…………

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