Saturday, October 21, 2006

NewsWeek poll: 55% will vote for Democrats

A Newsweek poll puts Democrats in control of congress with a 55% votes, 10 points ahead of republicans. This number is huge in a US election where the gap between the reps and dems is always a single digit ranging from 1 to 6.

Given that the elections are in 2 weeks, on November 7th (this has nothing to do with TN ;-)) ,this puts the republicans in a bad spot and put more pressure on them.
Let's hope it stays this way, because after all the scandals ranging from corruption to luring teens for sex, not to mention the most important thing, which is that this congress signed the most dangerous bills in the history of the USA (support of war, surveillance, military tribunal..)

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Totti said...

It sucks when you have to vote just to oust someone. Reminds me of the second round of the last french presidentials.