Sunday, October 22, 2006

World Wealth Distribution

I got bored before breaking the fasting of the last day of this blessed month, I spent some time browsing the world bank web site, which I agree is not the best way to get rid of boredom :-)

This is what I came up with.

According to the World Bank and for the year 2005 the total world GDP is $44.384 trillion for 183 countries. The first 10 countries listed below represent almost $30 trillion or 68% of the total.

The world population being 6.3 billion and the population for the first 10 economies being 2.23 billion, this leads to the fact that 35% of the world population owns 68% of the world wealth (note that China population inflates that number significantly)

We should take in consideration that the distribution of this GDP within a country is not the same for all these 10 countries (i.e China vs US). depending on the political system of each countries.

A special mention to China. With a sustained growth of 8 to 10% a year since 1990, China just overtook the UK in 2004 by just $94 million to become the 4th largest economy. By projection, it will overtake Germany in 2007 and by year 2041 it will be the world largest economy, thanks to what I call National Capitalism (I'll try to elaborate more on this in a future post).

Tunisia is ranked 67th which is not bad at all for a young and small country with limited resources.

Total GDP 2005

Country GDP in $million Population in M
1 USA 12,455,068 282.8
2 Japan 2,781,900 128.0
3 Germany 2,781,900 82.5
4 China 2,228,862 1300.0
5 UK 2,192,553 60.2
6 France 2,110,185 60.7
7 Italy 1,723,044 57.5
8 Spain 1,123,691 43.4
9 Canada 1,115,192 32.0
10 Brazil 794,098 186.4
67 Tunisia 28,683 10.0

The complete GDP ranking can be found here

Detailed data for Tunisia can be found here

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