Saturday, October 07, 2006

The 'P' words

P comme passion à consommer avec modération. Qu'on l'exerce envers une personne, une idée, une activité ou une religion, l'excès engendre toujours des effets non désirés.

P as power, something to exercise with caution. Whatever the object or subject on which you have power, treat it as if you're going to be judged the next day and don't be scared to lose it or else you'll be abusing it.

P comme politique ou l'obsession d'avoir toujours raison et de justifier l'injustifiable

P as prison, where we lose our cherished freedom and dignity. Most of the times rightfully, but unfortunately, sometimes wrongfully.

P comme patriote, on l'est tous forcement même si parfois on le cache bien.

P as plan, a concept that makes the difference between winners and losers

P comme polémique qui s'injecte dans nos discussions pour les rendre inutiles

P as in parent, the most honorable job where perks come in the form of pride and joy if well done, or shame and depression if not.

P comme peur, un sentiment horrible qu'on déteste car il engendre la soumission

P as in poor, a word that should have never existed if we were all more generous and less selfish

P comme politesse, un comportement qui est devenu tellement rare qu'il engendre parfois la moquerie

P as priorities, which we always have wrong.

P comme partis politiques qui se veulent différents mais qui au fond se ressemblent tous

P as pride which is becoming very expensive nowadays to have.

P comme premier, un rang qu'on doit tous avoir comme objectif

P as in professionalism which makes all the difference

P comme paix, on fait en sorte de s'y approcher sans jamais l'atteindre

P as in purity, existing only in children's mind

P comme patience, une denrée rare et on en manque tellement !!!

P as price to pay for all the "P" words that we ignore.

So let's pray that our politicians from whatever party use their power wisely, have their priority straight, avoid polemics, plan for peace with enough passion and professionalism, think about the poorest and restore their pride. Show us the path so we can teach our kids "patience, politesse et pureté d'âme". C'est comme ca qu'on accédera aux premiers rangs. Or else the price to pay will be excessive

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