Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Darfur, the forgotten...

Almost 3.4 million, equivalent of half the population of Sudan is affected by the Darfur drama. 1.3 million children were displaced and live in camp. The UNICEF is overwhelmed and NGO efforts are hindered by the continuous violence. A trap for a million of children who if they make it to be adult, will be marked forever by this experience. And the whole world is watching.....

An estimated 3.4 million people—equivalent to almost 51 percent of the total population in the region—have been affected by the crisis in Darfur. At least 1.3 million children are living in 200 refugee camps as a result.

Darfur's children have borne the brunt of this ongoing conflict. They live in a constant state of fear, according to UNICEF Emergency Communications Officer Gordon Weiss. "They have lost their homes and their families and suffered terrible abuses," he said

In recent weeks, increasing violence has made it extremely difficult for humanitarian workers to continue to effectively respond with needed relief. Acute malnutrition has reached 27 percent in some parts of Darfur and health care systems are failing. Sexual violence against women and children is as widespread as ever, and people yearn for a place where they can feel safe.

The world cannot and should not allow this senseless loss of life to continue. We call upon all parties to cease the conflict and protect the families and children.
BBC: facts about the crisis
Human right watch: photos of the conflict(may be censored in TN)

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zizou from Djerba said...

Bravo Samsoum !
Je suis tout a fait d'acc pour dire que Darfur is forgotten ! furthermore , I would say: No body cares !!