Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First Muslim in the US Congress!!

The state of Minnesota, elected for the first time in the history of the United States, a muslim congressman as their representative!! Keith Elison of Somali origins was born in a catholic family and converted o Islam at age of 19.

Muslim Americans represent 3% or 10 millions of the population, only 2 millions are registered voters which I think deserves representation. The fact that a muslim gets elected in these time in the US, tells us a lot of things about this country, even though I don't think that politics and religion make a good mix :-)

Even though Elison did not use his faith in his campaign, a lot of muslim americans are expecting that he'll draw attention to muslim problems in the US.

Since the September 11, 2001, attacks by Islamic militants, Muslim-Americans have become sensitized to what many feel is an erosion of their civil rights. U.S. foreign policy that targets Muslim countries also has generated a sense of urgency, experts said.

"(Americans) treat us differently after September 11. My own father was attacked," said Ellison supporter Khadra Darsame, a 1995 immigrant from Somalia. "Ellison said everybody matters equally and he told us what he would do ... he will do the right thing."



aymen said...

happy to read this !

kaiser said...

Nice news.
BTW, democrates and republicans neck-and-neck in US Senate.

Hannibal said...

Do you really think that elison will take care of muslim problems? I don't guess so. He said it clearly that he wants to be elected not because of his faith besides the fact that members of Congress's sole objective is to satisfy their constituents who elected them. BTW how do you explain the fact that members of Congress from lebanese origin, ie, Issa and Boustany and Senator Sununu ( Nick Rahal of WV is an exception)vote in favor of an israeli attack on Lebanon???

TunisianTouch said...

it's very interessant to see this. but what amazing situation the french muslim communauty has more large number than the one in USA but they don't have any representant in parliement.

samsoum said...

@Hannibal:I personnaly don't think he'll care, but the majority of muslim-american associations think he'll do. For Arab-Americans elected,I dont't understand their attitude, it is as if they are hiding their origins. It is very well known that Jewish senators are staunch defenders of Israel in the Congress!!

totti said...

He is an american who happens to be a muslim, he doesn't have the same worries as a middle eastern muslim so don't expect him to lean toward palestine or such. He will definitely try to defend muslim americans interests.
my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

A quand un élu musulman en france ?