Thursday, November 23, 2006

What kind of people have we become?

We take our breakfast and enjoy our morning coffee while reading or watching the news of hundreds of Iraqis, being blown off by some suicide bomber whose act is supposed to free his country from the US occupation. And then we kiss our wives goodbye and drive to work enjoying our favorite music (George Michael’s for me). During lunch break, we eat a sandwich while surfing the news sites, looking at dead bodies and torn cars and bloody scenes and then go back to work. We’ve been immunized against pain and we got used to injustice, we’re loosing our humanity, we accepted the fact that Iraqis, Palestinians, Sudanese have a different destiny then ours. They die, we watch!

This is what we became, even the Americans who ask for US withdrawal, they do it to save US soldiers life and US money not for the poor Iraqis who are supposed to be free now, enjoying democracy paid by Uncle Sam.

It is as if we’re watching a big reality show, where children, women and men die because of decisions of some lunatic politicians who are telling us that they made it their job to change the world and make it a better place for all of us. BS!!

Isn’t so obvious that the war in Iraq is wrong? Why don’t we leave these poor people live and enjoy their life the way they want it, raise their kids and build their country their way, the same way we do. How can they dare, stand in front of cameras and tell us that this is the right thing to do, and that they’re dying for their own good!!

Isn’t so obvious that the people of Palestine are suffering from injustice and cupidity? Isn’t so obvious that it is time they have their own state? Don’t they deserve to live in security, the same way most of us do? How can they dare explain to us that they deserve this life (or death)!

Why is it that power falls always in the hand of unwise people, blind people, cupid and idiots? Even democracy is failing preventing these aggressions. The US government is staying in Iraq against the will of the majority of US voters, why? Why do the Israelis believe that they are better fighting the Arabs than cooperating with them? Why is it that these leaders who wanted to fight for the freedom of Iraq and liberating it from Saddam, don’t do the same thing for Sudan, or North Korea or a lot of these poor countries in Africa who are still fighting for food and water? Why do they think that we are idiots and will believe such lies? At least during the colonization era, the British or the French were not hiding it that they need these countries for their own use. Now they achieve the same thing by making us believe that they are helping.

Today 150 died and 300 got wounded in Iraq. 3800 died in October, 3300 in September, 3000 in August. 60000 civilians died form violence, more than 500,000 died from the effect of the war on the country infrastructure. A country is losing its population, its history is being looted, thousands of historical artifacts thousand years old are lost, and one of the seven world wonder is being a world blunder. Enough is enough! Stop helping them, leave them alone! Mr. Bush, it is a civil war that you created all right! So at least don’t insult us by saying it is not.

I think we do owe these people an apology, in the form of bringing to justice whoever is responsible for this mess. Whoever opened this Pandora box that is spreading death and misery should be held responsible for his acts.

Key points in the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq report released Wednesday:

CIVILIANS VIOLENTLY KILLED: October (3,709), September (3,345), August (3,009), July (3,590).

PROFESSIONAL TARGETS: Assassinations of professionals continued at an alarming rate in the past two months, including journalists, teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors and political and religious leaders.

DISPLACED PEOPLE: An estimated 1.6 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries since 2003. An estimated 418,392 people have been displaced by sectarian violence and 15,240 by military operations since Sunni-Arab insurgents bombed a Shiite shrine in Samara on Feb. 22, 2006. An estimated 100,000 people per month have left Iraq in the past few months.

DETAINEES: At the end of October, there were 29,256 detainees in Iraq, about 46 percent held in coalition facilities and 54 percent in Iraqi prisons.

TARGETED SCHOOLS: Schools have increasingly become a target for sectarian and other criminal attacks. More than 300 teachers and Ministry of Education employees were killed and 1,158 wounded in 2006 alone.

CLAIMING BODIES: During October, more than 200 unidentified bodies were transferred to cemeteries in the two Shiite holy cities of Karbala and Najaf. If a victim is killed in a military operation, family members may be reluctant to claim the body at the morgues, fearing militias or security forces there could take revenge against the rest of the family.

IRAQI SECURITY FORCES: Absenteeism is widespread among Iraqi army and police forces, some of which are infiltrated by militias and death squads. In Kirkuk alone, half of the 5,000 member police force and its 13,000 army soldiers reportedly are not reporting for duty at any given time and many fail to return to duty.

UN Report about Iraq (The Associated Press)


Slim said...

ya w5ayy klemik il kollou s7i7 ama a7na bi5lef exposer ce qui se passe reellement sur le ground 0, eduquer ce peuple "semi-ignorant" sur le middle east, militer 'electroniquement' et au mieux donner un peu d'argent aux associations internationales de charite [rodd balkom mil les organismes classes terroristes esse3a], qcq on peut faire? 7oukometna dhallitna w 5allatch boldanna blaa wazn wla kilma...

j'ecoute "Absolutely Flawless" right now...

de_passage said...

injustice and cupidity?! you know what cupidity means right?

bidues said...

It's really alarming the situation in Iraq. I am really anxious. In addition, if the Gi's leave the country, it will be an ever seen genocide. The big burden is that no one has a sollution for what's happening. KSA and Egypt, as arab leading country, must send troups to Irak to help population (espacially sunnite) and opposes the Iranian infiltration in Irak ..

Napo said...

I think this country is destined to anarchy. judging by the level of violence, it seems like what we see is a revenge from hundreds of years.

Where is Saddam?

samsoum said...

@de_passage: cupidity means eager or excessive desire to possess something; greed; avarice..
So Palestinians are suffering from the cupidity of the Israeli government. Was I out of line in saying that? or is there another meaning for cupidity that I don't know?

samsoum said...

Sometimes it brings you down
Sometimes it eats you up
Sometimes you think that your head’s going to blow it
It doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t get better . . .

I would say "Freedom '90" will go well with this post too:

All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me
You've gotta give for what you take
You've gotta give for what you take
I'll hold on to my freedom
May not be what you want from me
Just the way it's got to be
Lose the face now
I've got to live

darkman said...

@samsoum Et3ich Wetra7emm O Allah ithebbet ajrek Merci d'être passer.

lijialefw said...

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